President's Message

Oktay Holding A.Ş. continues its journey to produce value in seven parts of the world.
Oktay Holding A.Ş. the journey we started with Oktay Bobinaj in 1963; We are continuing our commitment to value judgments, taking new steps, guided by our strong rapport with our employees.
We finished our 53rd year on a journey that we have completed as we have passed a crucial periodic milestone we consider to be a touchstone. In this important process; We have restructured our internationally active group of companies, linked them to group presidencies according to their areas of activity and redefined all processes within the Holding.
We believe that the successful and healthy growth acceleration of Oktay Holding A.Ş. will continue with the corporate and organizational structure that is created and will continue by developing new markets.
Oktel Inc. Following the decision to hold a meeting in 2015, he laid the foundations for his institutionalization. Today, we are proud of contributing to the growth of our country with our group, which is active in five main business lines and represents our country in international arena with our 7 companies in Turkey and abroad and serving all over the world.
"Common Rational, Proactive and Active Patience" are the basic elements of Oktay Holding A.Ş.'s success. With our belief that success will increase with sharing, we are always embroidered in partnership. These partnerships have increased our ability to act jointly. Our sector will start to realize the point we want to reach by the end of this road, but the year 2017 will be the year of Oktay Holding A.Ş. Signed projects will be a year of more talk in the international arena.
Best Regards
Chairman of the Board

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